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In the light of the Government's announcement, we are ceasing the activities of our 8000 volunteers as of now (9pm Fri 27th March 2020). The safety of our volunteers & those they deliver to, is paramount. We may relaunch from Easter Sunday. Thank you for your support

Sign up as a volunteer

This website is used to highlight offers and services which are being made available to people who have had to self-isolate.
  • Individuals can use it to mark themselves as available to help. We will forward you any requests for help we receive, and you will then be able to get in touch with them, if you wish.
  • Businesses can use it to publicise any free help they are offering. We'd suggest putting your contact details in the 'message' box. We can't allow other types of advertising.
  • Community groups can use it to recruit volunteers. We'd also suggest you reply to offers already posted in your local area to engage with other volunteers.

Please note the following important points:

  • This website is like social media. We cannot verify or endorse the requests for help we receive. Most of the people reading this are decent people, but it would be impossible for us to promise everybody is like that.
  • Use the same caution you would use when buying a second-hand car. Speak on the phone first, and if you ever feel that something isn't right, withdraw your offer and ask a trusted friend for advice.
  • When arranging a meeting or a delivery, you should inform a trusted friend or family member of the name, time and place you are meeting.
  • While we appreciate you have the right intentions, offers to mind children must only be made by people with provable Garda/Police vetting - it should be up-to-date and available.
  • Basically, safety must be your overriding concern: both in terms of your security, and your health. Be kind and be careful.

Infection Control Protocol

This is a protocol to ensure safety of self-isolating vulnerable individuals or small groups who are having materials and food delivered, based upon the study Aerosol and Surface Stability (New England Journal of Medicine, Van Doremalen et al, 2020).

If you are having a package of any non-urgent kind delivered - have it left outside in a cool, shaded spot on your property. A shed would work as well.

Leave it there for SEVEN DAYS without anyone touching it or approaching it. It should then be be virus free.

You can then bring it in to your home WITHOUT washing outside box/bag and the surfaces of the individual items inside box/bag.

Milk/greens/butter should be delivered in beer coolers with ice if available. If coolers are not available UHT milk will be fine for a week in a box. Dried milk is also fine in box. Fruit, dry goods, bread etc are all also fine in cardboard box.

Medicines / catheters / medical supplies can be treated in the same manner.

With regards to how this website works, and how we protect your privacy:

  • We will not post your exact address. We will place an anonymous icon representing you on a random street near your address.
  • We do not share your personal details. We let you decide when it's the right time to do this.
  • We do not charge for this service, and nor should you.
  • This website was created to help kickstart the volunteering effort. We are not the permanent solution and won't be around forever.
  • When the worst of the virus is contained, we will be deleting all our user data. You can withdraw your offer of help at any time.