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Infection Control Protocol

This is a protocol to ensure safety of self-isolating vulnerable individuals or small groups who are having materials and food delivered, based upon the study Aerosol and Surface Stability (New England Journal of Medicine, Van Doremalen et al, 2020).

If you are having a package of any non-urgent kind delivered - have it left outside in a cool, shaded spot on your property. A shed would work as well.

Leave it there for SEVEN DAYS without anyone touching it or approaching it. It should then be be virus free.

You can then bring it in to your home WITHOUT washing outside box/bag and the surfaces of the individual items inside box/bag.

Milk/greens/butter should be delivered in beer coolers with ice if available. If coolers are not available UHT milk will be fine for a week in a box. Dried milk is also fine in box. Fruit, dry goods, bread etc are all also fine in cardboard box.

Medicines / catheters / medical supplies can be treated in the same manner.